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Good Wizard versus Evil Wizard ep

live @ KPSU

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The Mouse That Roared

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Die Accidere Nox


Nocturnal June 24th

Minmae CD Release

with The Mouse That Roared

9pm + some cash


LIVE on KPSU 1450 am

June 29th 8pm

The Mouse That Roared

with DJ Ang*E*lo


Portland Rock Collective presents

Thursday July First

White Eagle, Portland OR

Ross & the Hellpets

Myshka & Her Ruby Warblers

The Mouse That Roared

Mouse @ 9pm, $4

Links to those we love

REK/The Sleepyhouse Records

Ross & the Hellpets

Sir Cloister Maximus III Esq./The Mouse That Roared


Per Se

Tape Mountain/Celesteville

Minor Thirds

super xx man

Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory


Space Fuzz/Kiss The Frog

Welsh Rabbit

Portland Rock Collective

All Girl Summer Fun Band

2004-06-23 - 12:16 p.m.





I just wanted to thank the whole crew at Sleepyhouse SF for an amazing weekend. The BBQ was definitely a blast. Minmae stayed another half day just to perform for us, and then I think, in the midst of being in a secluded backyard yet having the whole neighborhood applaud from all sides, gave them the impedous to really let go and play. They put on one of the finest, goofiest and all around funnest (thats right) Minmae shows Ive experienced. Thanks guys, especially Greg who needed to be back for school.

Longmarch played next and they just seem to keep on trucking, playing solid songs, guitar riffing, great bass and vocals and man, they never stop exciting me. Thanks esp to David for sharing.

I played a short acoustic set. 5 songs. I think I played, not in this order, Tony//Thief//Unquiet Lies//That song about horseracing which is really about relationships//and one other. Anyways, I had a lot fun up there.

REK put on two sets, justifiably so as they had insane technical difficulties in the first set. I'm glad they threw down a second set because they really hit the mark then. They have a new drummer who just stepped up and took off with Big E like they've been playing together this whole time. Its really gratifying to see them continue to grow and expand and hone their craft.

I need to send special props to Melody for everything. She made banana waffles, fruit smoothies, and baked all day for the party. The perfect Hostess to compliment the host, RC. Thanks Lo.

Another shout to Roman for letting me sleep in "The Yellow Room" while he was out. It made all the difference.


The Mouse That Roared have three shows coming up this week. Please look to your left for details.


Thanks also to Minmae for letting tag along friday night, the Nick Drake Night was great. See you thursday.


I Fucking Love You.


Tuftees - fucking love you


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